Travel Stash

Offline First Travel App - A pwa designed to manage and plan travel goals using claude haiku ai and the rxdb to store data locally in the browser, regardless of connectivity.

Offline Capabilities
Real-time Sync
PWA Support
Tailwind CSS
Claude AI
RXDB Progressive Web App
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What's Included

Offline Capabilities

Access and interact with the app even without an internet connection, ensuring reliability anywhere.

Real-time Sync

Automatic data synchronization when online, keeping your travel plans up-to-date across all devices.

PWA Support

Installable on any device, providing a native app-like experience with smooth interactions.

Startup Ideas

Eco-Friendly Adventure Planner
Develop an app that helps users plan eco-friendly adventures, focusing on sustainable travel options.
Virtual Reality Explorer
Create a VR application that allows users to explore travel destinations virtually before they visit.
Digital Detox Retreat Finder
Build an app that helps users find and book digital detox retreats, promoting mental wellness and offline experiences.
Global Cuisine Explorer
An app that guides users to local cuisine experiences and food tours, even suggesting recipes to try at home.
Cultural Immersion Platform
A platform that connects travelers with local guides for immersive cultural experiences, workshops, and classes.

App Screenshots

Travel Stash
Travel Stash
Travel Stash
Travel Stash

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What's included

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Dev Tools

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Headless Server Actions

API Snippets

Tired of reverse engineering apps for features? Our API snippets are like shadcn for the backend. Copy and paste instead of struggling with complex setups.