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Full Stack Shadcn Templates

Well designed tailwindcss templates, boilerplate, framer components, api snippets, dev tools and more.



Say Goodbye to Boilerplate Burnout.

These aren’t mere boilerplates— templates are comprehensive products with all business logic and user flows meticulously thought through and implemented. Your startup is ready to impress from day one.

Perplexity clone with document parsing and Supabase for vector embedding. History, search, and streaming your vector sources. The best AI RAG template.

Fast isn’t enough.

Fully Designed. Production Ready

To stand out, your product must captivate and solve real problems. Design isn’t just a luxury—it’s essential. Without it, gaining traction is an uphill battle.

"Hello there 👋 I'm a design engineer and langchain contributor. Cult is a place to share sick code and ship real products."
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Jordan Gilliam
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Headless Backend

API Snippets

Often times you don't need a full template or even a starter, but you still might want to snag the critical logic driving a feature. API snippets are perfect for established projects that want to apply the same benefits of headless ui components to their codebase.

Like shadcn but

for your backend.

rsc + auth

Use supabase magic links in react server component


rsc + stripe

Stripe react server components for creating a stripe portal to handle one time payments


route + file

pages/file.ts -> parses file returns text


route + ai

Vector chat Q&A


route + ai

Streaming vector chat Q&A + store history in supabase


cron + ai

Cron hn job listings -> AI extraction -> json and provides a summary


cron + ai

Cron Job that uses ai to generate a code snippet


middleware + upstash

Middleware to block IP addresses if they exceed a rate limit.


route + scrape

Super simple web scraper.


Shipping apps that look good and feel good is hard. It takes time.

Cult is a solution. An evolving lab for exploring new concepts & novel AI first user experiences.

Thanks for being here early. We're just getting started.


10x your productivity. Tools help you ideate and create.

What are tools? AI tools that you run locally or for free. Bring your OpenAPI key and generate everything from UI components to SQL schemas.


UI components and animations, so you can ship with style.

Optimized for copy & paste. Simply copy and paste the components into your react app. Yours to remix for life.

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