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Templates are mini saas startups developed with comprehensive business logic and expertly animated user experiences.


of users judge a business's credibility by its website design quality.

Templates are real startups.

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Shadcn for your backend

API Snippets

Often times you don't need a full template or even a starter, but you still might want to snag the critical logic driving a feature. API snippets are perfect for established projects that want to apply the same benefits of headless ui components to their api layer.

rsc + auth

Use supabase magic links in react server component


rsc + stripe

Stripe react server components for creating a stripe portal to handle one time payments


route + file

pages/file.ts -> parses file returns text


route + ai

Vector chat Q&A


route + ai

Streaming vector chat Q&A + store history in supabase


cron + ai

Cron hn job listings -> AI extraction -> json and provides a summary


cron + ai

Cron Job that uses ai to generate a code snippet


middleware + upstash

Middleware to block IP addresses if they exceed a rate limit.


route + scrape

Super simple web scraper.



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Simple onboarding

Short, focused videos help you get your app up and running quickly, without wading through extensive documentation.

Run 4 commands

The cult stack is nextjs + supabase. Designed to be completely free to deploy. No need for multiple, expensive services.

  • 1
    $ supabase projects create -i "sass"
  • 2
    $ supabase init
  • 3
    $ supabase link
  • 4
    $ supabase db push

Validate Iterate

Then, rapidly add new features for your users with api snippets, cult-ui components, and the cult dev tools

We ship.. often

The evolution of cult

We launched our first template on January 1st, 2024. Since then, we've shipped the following for all members:

  • 10 repositories
  • 6 fully designed startup templates
  • 2 saas starters
  • 9 API snippets
  • 18 premium components

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What are tools? AI tools that you run locally or for free. Bring your OpenAPI key and generate everything from UI components to SQL schemas.

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