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The latest

Shad Components


Beautifully designed components built with Radix UI and Tailwind CSS.


Server component

New Stripe Config

Slide Supabase DB

New ssr library

Supabase DB

  • Auth
  • Storage
  • Functions
  • Embeddings

Email in react



β€œHello there πŸ‘‹ I'm a design engineer and langchain contributor. I obsess over design and build ai apps like Cult is a place to share sick code and ship sexy SasS products. Thanks for being here! ”

Jordan Gilliam
Cult Founder

Whats in the πŸ“¦

Years of value. Years of new components, templates, starters, yours to own forever. Everything you need to ship beautiful apps.


Nextjs Starters

All the boilerplate code you need to spin up a Saas: stripe, supabase db, supabase auth, UI components.

2 Fully Designed Templates

Rune New

Fully designed. Prod ready

Embeddings, auth, stripe.
Manifest is a pocket perplexity app. Upload any files and chat when them.

Make it pop 🀌


Powerful components built specifically
for shipping unique AI Saas apps.

Dev Tools

Generate full stack features

Run the dev tools locally. Generate shadcn components, Api routes, supabase schemas, rls policies and more.


API Snippets

Like shadcn for the backend. Copy and paste a snippet
instead of reverse engineering an app for a single feature.


Fully designed, production ready apps

Templates are full applications this is a great place to add a little bit or your own flavor and immediately ship a full application.


Vector Embedding Template

Full stack template for shipping perplexity style AI apps.

dev tools 1
dev tools 1


Saas Landing Page

Design subscription landing page.

dev tools 1
dev tools 1


Dalle3 Logo creation

A full stack template for shipping Dalle3 apps.

dev tools 1

Lean boilerplate to rapidly start your new SaaS.

Starters are a fresh, loosely opinionated starting point. Start here if you have a business idea that one want to validate.

Cult Classic

SaaS Starter

Bare bones starter. Stripe, Supabase, Nextjs.

dev tools 1
dev tools 1

Cult Chat

SaaS Starter

Everything you need to ship your gpt wrapper.

dev tools 1
dev tools 1


UI components and animations, so you can ship with style.

Optimized for copy & paste. Simply copy and paste the components into your react app. Yours to remix for life.

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10x your productivity. Tools help you ideate and create.

What are tools? AI tools that you run locally or for free. Bring your OpenAPI key and generate everything from UI components to SQL schemas.

Buy for life

Lifetime membership

Includes new components, templates, new dev tools, and more.

What's included

  • Templates
  • Starters
  • Dev Tools
  • Components
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previous cost$59USD

Membership price will increase as new tools & templates manifest.


Dev Tools

AI tools built for the cult stack

From idea to prod

Code like never before

v0, but local

Generate full shadcn features

Components stored locally

Use your own api key

No subscription ever

Product screenshot
Component Generator

Generate shadcn components using natural language and then iterate on them
Index DB

Your components and all version history are stored on your machine.
Supabase Generator

Easily add new features by generating your schema using natural language
Nexjs API Generator

Business logic has never been so easy. Generate a Nextjs 14 route or server action in seconds.
Gradient Generator

Generate beautiful tailwind gradients for inspiration


Cult Classic

Dead simple Next.js boilerplate

Validate your gpt wrapper

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