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When you join the cult, you get access to all components, templates, tools and starters, patterns and so much more.Yours to remix forever.

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UI components and animations, so you can ship with style.

Optimized for copy & paste. Simply copy and paste the components into your react app. Yours to remix for life.


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Texture pack


Button pack


Animation pack


Lean boilerplate to rapidly start your new SaaS.

Starters are a fresh loosely opinionated starting point. Start here if you have a business idea that one want to validate.

Cult Classic

SaaS Starter

Bare bones starter. Stripe, Supabase, Nextjs.

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dev tools 1
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Cult Chat

SaaS Starter

Everything you need to ship your gpt wrapper.

dev tools 1
dev tools 1
dev tools 1


Cut your time to market in half

There is a lot of repetition when starting a SaaS - Especially if its your first time. Cult Tools allow you to completely generate full stack features. In the future look for copy generation, analysis, AI business features and more.

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Lifetime cult license

Includes all updates, new components, templates, dev tools, and more. Become a founding member of the cult for life.

What's included

  • Templates
  • Starters
  • Dev Tools
  • API Snippets
Price increases as value is added


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Whats in the 📦

You're facing time-consuming setups, complex tech stacks, need to ship yesterday but your design is an after thought. Cult provides value for years to come: templates, starters, API snippets, AI patterns, and more. Own everything forever and create stunning apps with ease.


Next.js SaaS Boilerplate

Solve your SaaS startup woes with ready-to-use boilerplate code: Stripe, Supabase DB, Supabase auth, and UI components. Start building immediately.

6 Full Stack Product Templates

Fully designed. Prod ready.

Authentication, Stripe, Supabase, AI, WebScrapers, and LocalFirst—all included. These templates are essentially startups themselves. Remix, combine, add features, and validate your ideas effortlessly.

Make it pop 🤌


Tired of building from scratch? Our TailwindCSS components are designed specifically for unique AI SaaS apps. Integrate seamlessly with shadcn.

Dev Tools

Generate full stack features

Run the dev tools locally. Generate shadcn components, API routes, Supabase schemas, RLS policies, and more. Simplify your development process.

Headless Server Actions

API Snippets

Tired of reverse engineering apps for features? Our API snippets are like shadcn for the backend. Copy and paste instead of struggling with complex setups.

Membership price will increase as new tools, components & templates are added.